About Us

Pro-Vac has been professionally cleaning furnaces and air ducts in Regina, since 1984. We have been providing the best indoor air quality. Homes, offices, schools, hospitals, institutions, and industrial facilities. We have the most advanced equipment, technology, and expertise. All our work complies with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association Standards.

Our Staff

All our experienced, long term staff are NADCA certified duct cleaners. With over 35 years in business, Dominion Pro Vac has the experience you deserve. Our staff has the best training standards.  We are members of professional organizations such as NADCA, DCN, and CSIA. We work on the most technical and sophisticated systems on the market.


Professional air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  We also clean air conditioners and re-heating coils. Air to air exchangers, air exhaust systems (kitchen/bathroom), and dryer vents. Lastly, central vacuum systems, and fireplaces. Your health and safety are affected by the performance of your HVAC system.


We supply and install a variety of air filters.  These provide environmental control and allergy relief. We install “Lint-Alert” Dryer Safety Alerts. We carry and install InOvate Dryer Safety Products. Electrostatic Air Filters installed on new furnaces.  They can be retrofit for existing systems too. We also utilize specialized access and inspection doors.


We work with residential clients throughout Regina and surrounding area. By conducting dryer vent cleaning, fireplace cleaning, furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning, the improved air quality is always rewarding. Our services remove harmful allergens that plague allergy surfers. Another benefit of a clean furnace is a reduction in energy costs. Clean furnaces work more efficiently and use less natural gas and electricity.

Commercial / Industrial / Institutional

Dominion Pro Vac Inc. is Regina’s leader in Commercial and Industrial HVAC cleaning. Our Technicians are certified air duct cleaners and certified dryer exhaust technicians. We subscribe to an advanced safety culture for any job site. Commercial systems are more complex than residential. Our staff has the experience that makes the difference.

Before & After

Before & After Gallery. A picture is worth a thousand words. The significant improvement our services make in any building environment is obvious. Dominion Pro Vac Inc has developed a gallery of before and after images.  This shows you what our duct cleaning and other services can do for you. Please click here to visit the gallery. You will be amazed.